PurePower Technologies, why?

  • Control Valve Body & Spool - Both the control valve body and spool are precision ground to specific diametrical tolerances and 100% checked for clearance and sealing. PurePOWER verifies reman CVB's and spool 100% dimensionally. The assembly is also leak tested on the injector to detect issues that can't be found in the individual parts.
  • Coil Assembly - PurePOWER makes sure that all endcaps used contain the design fix for engine cold start concerns. Each coil is performance evaluated individually and then also as an injector assembly. Only PPT has access to OE replacement coil parts! PPT will reuse parts which meet the same standards as OE.
  • Intensifier Body, Plunger, and Spring - PurePOWER intensifier body and plunger are precision match honed to operate at extreme pressures and temperatures. 100% of PPT reman intensifier bodies are re-honed to certified plungers using the OE process and spec. The springs are designed to provide consistency to the return of the moving injector components between injections. PurePOWER always replaces the springs with the same new OE parts that have always been used.
  • Nozzle Assembly and Tip Leak Testing - All PPT remanufactured nozzle assemblies are chemically treated and micro brushed to remove carbon and fuels prior to inspection and test. Each nozzle is then tested for proper performance by checking flow, needle lift, and leakage. All remanufactured nozzles that do not meet the validated specifications are replaced with new nozzles. Being directly in the cylinder, the foot of the injector forms part of the seal which contains the gases during operation. PPT verifies 100% that injectors will seal against the clinder back pressures. This test checks mulitple sealing joints within the injector.