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970-1036 Rotary Position Sensor

SERPS01 / 970-1036 Rotary Position Sensor


Rotary Position Sensor 970-1036

Wabash 1036 RPS

# 1036-0000 Standard Version without return spring
# 1036-0001 Standard Version with return spring
# 1036-0002 Continuous Rotation

Well suited for a variety of vehicle control applications in rugged environments and
temperature extremes. The Wabash 1036 Rotary Position Sensor (RPS)
is a versatile device that is fully sealed to ingress protection IP67. This provides exceptional mechanical durability and long electrical life, making it ideal for applications such as:

Transmission position
Steering angle
Gear lever position
Suspension travel
• Throttle position

The 1036 RPS is ideal for use in automotive, agricultural, off-highway, construction, marine and industrial control systems. It functions perfectly in the harshest environmental conditions, including:

Temperature extremes
Continuous vibration
Chemical exposure
Water immersion


Note: Rotary Position Sensor Vishay 970-1036.
Industrial Rotary Position Sensor
970 Series, Vishay part number: 970-1036-0001





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