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SERPS02 / 971-0002 Rotary Position Senso

SERPS02 / 971-0002 Rotary Position Sensor


Rotary Position Sensor 971-0002 

Wabash RPS 971-0002

The Wabash RPS 971-0002 sensor is standard fitment onto the ATR Throttle bodies and will fit most other manufactures throttle bodies such Webber Alpha, AT Power, Jenvey, Kinsler & Pro-Jay that are fitted with a D-shaped shaft. This is also a direct replacement for the widely used Covlern CP17 TPS.

The Wabash 971 Rotary Position Sensor uses high-performance conductive Polymer tracks and contact design to achieve 2 percent independent linearity. Reliable & versatile, it is ideal for Motorsport applications.

The Wabash RPS 971-0002 Sensor is compatible and can be used with a wide range of the following ECU’s :- Webber Alpha, Omex, DTA, MBE, Emerald, Specialist Components, Haltec, Motec, Life Racing & Pectel.



Vishay PBT, PET Flying leads Precision Position Switch, 13.5 V dc, 43 x 32 14 mm
106° position sensor spring returned clockwise when viewed from above.
M3 set screw fixing

The hollow rotor allows insertion of a 'D' profile shaft from either side to give clockwise/anticlockwise spring biasing
For best results, use as a potential divider (not variable resistor) and buffer the resulting output with a high impedance amplifier
Output Smoothness 0.3% (Max)
Resistance 5kΩ linear (±20%)
Maximum Power 1W
Connection via 0.2m flying leads
The linearity of ±2% & Temperature Coefficient of ±600 ppm / °C
Mechanical life106 Full Cycles, 6 x 106 (2° Dither)

Note: Rotary Position Sensor Vishay 971-0002.

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